You cannot mandate productivity; you must provide the tools to let people become their best.
~Steve Jobs

We help engineering teams
 be 1% better each day

With Typo's built-in SDLC visibility, workflow automations & developer experience insights - we enable better, faster software delivery & maximum business impact.

Our Mission

Our unwavering mission is to support in building high-performing dev teams & revolutionising the software delivery cycle - ship reliable software fast.
This requires complete visibility, fast dev cycles, streamlined processes, high-quality code - with an amazing developer experience.

By seamlessly plugging in to your dev tool stack, Typo leverages AI to generate real-time engineering insights, automating code reviews & improvement goals, and bringing a unique way to measure & improve developer experience. This transformation fuels development, ensures game-changing business outcomes and propels unprecedented growth.

Trusted by 1000+ high-performing engineering teams

Our Founders

Our Founders

Our founders, Kshitij and Varun, have first-hand experience with well-functioning engineering teams that consistently ship products and those that face challenges.

They've gone from being developers to engineering managers and now founders, recognizing that the best teams prioritize transparent workflows, continuous improvement, and the use of effective tools to make it happen.

In their roles leading and scaling engineering teams, they shared a common frustration - every other business team had access to metrics & workflows that efficiently resolved their operational issues, thereby showing their teams's impact on the business - the same was not true for engineering teams.

Typo was created to support engineering teams with the visibility & automation they need to build efficient software delivery & high-performing teams.

Our Advisors & Mentors

Eric Bowman

CTO @ King | Advisory Board Member @ momox | Banxware | Alphalist

Marian Kamenistak

Founder & Chief Coach @ Engineering Leaders Community | Tech Speaker

Nicola Ballotta

Director of Cloud @ Namecheap, Published Author on Engineering Leadership

Luca Rossi

Founder of Refactoring | Leader of one of the largest global tech community

Gregor Ojstersek

CTO @Zorian | Author of Engineering Leadership newsletter

Mihai-Valentin Curelea

Principal Software Engineer | Mentor | Ex-Meta | Ex-Datadog

Paulo Andre

Resident Leadership Coach @ Hotjar, Fractional CTO

Jordan Cutler

Senior Software Engineer @ Qualified, Gusto | author of ‘High Growth Engineer’

Meet the builders of Typo

Nitesh Chandel

Head of Engineering

Saloni Jain

Product Manager

Madhurima Sabharwal

Head - Customer Success

Jagrati Gupta

Manager - Product Ops

Aksh Porwal

Software Engineer

Varun Varma

Co-founder & COO

Kovid Batra

Head - Growth

Priyasha Dureja

Content Manager

Vishal Varma

Software Engineer

Satish Kumar

Sr. Software Engineer

Anushka Modi

UI/UX Designer

Yash Gupta

Manager - Sales

Kshitij Mohan

Co-founder & CEO


Chief Happiness Officer

Our Investors

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