Decoding Dev Mini Hoop Basketball 

There is no ‘One Size approach’ in the software development industry. Combining creative ways with technical processes is the best way to solve problems. 

While it seems exciting, there is one drawback as well. There are a lot of disagreements between developers due to differences in ideas and solutions. Communication is the key for most cases, but this isn’t feasible every time. There are times when developers can’t come to a general agreement. 

This is when the HOOP (Having opposite opinions and picking solutions) system works best for the team. 

But, before we dive deeper into this topic, let’s first know what the Mini hoop basketball game is about: 

What is a Mini Basketball Hoop game?

Simply put, it is a smaller version of basketball that can be played indoors. It includes a smaller ball and hoop mounted on a wall or door. 

A mini basketball hoop is a fun way to practice basketball skills and is usually enjoyed by people of all ages. 

Why Dev Mini Hoop Basketball game is beneficial for developers?

Below are a few ways how this game can positively impact developers in conflict-resolving and strengthening relationships with other team members: 

Team bonding

This game creates a casual and enjoyable environment that strengthens team bonds, improving collaboration during work hours.

Enhanced focus

When developers take short breaks for a game, it helps prevent burnout and maintains high concentration levels during work hours. It leads to more efficient problem-solving and coding.

Conflict resolution skills

Developers practice conflict resolution when such differences arise in the game. As a result, they can apply these skills in the workplace.

Positive work environment

Indoor basketball hoop game contributes to a positive work environment as they instill a sense of fun and camaraderie. Hence, it positively impacts morale and motivation.

Official rules of Dev Mini Hoop Basketball game

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the official rules for dev mini-hoop basketball:

Step 1

Start with Player 1, then proceed sequentially through players 2, 3, etc. Each player takes a shot from a spot of their choice.

Step 2

If the player before you makes a shot, make your shot exactly from the same spot. If you miss, you receive a strike.

Step 3

After a miss, the next player starts a new round from a different spot. If you make the shot, the next player replicates it from the same spot. If missed, they receive a strike.

Three strikes rule

Once a player hits the three-strike mark, they are out. 

The game continues until there is a winner.

Time duration

The game usually concludes in about 10 minutes, if the whole team participates. 


Dev Mini Hoop Basketball game is a fun way to resolve conflicts and strengthen relationships with other team members. Try it out with your team now!