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Why do companies choose Typo?

Dev teams hold great importance in the engineering organization. They are essential for building high-quality software products, fostering innovation, and driving the success of technology companies in today’s competitive market.

However, engineering leaders need to understand the bottlenecks holding them back. Since these blindspots can directly affect the projects. Hence, this is when software development analytics tools come to your rescue. And these analytics software stands better when they have various features and integrations, engineering leaders are usually looking out for.

Typo is an intelligent engineering platform that is used for gaining visibility, removing blockers, and maximizing developer effectiveness. Let’s know more about why engineering leaders prefer to choose Typo as their important tool:

You get customized DORA and other engineering metrics

Engineering metrics are the measurements of engineering outputs and processes. However, there isn’t a pre-defined set of metrics that the software development teams use to measure to ensure success. This depends on various factors including team size, the background of the team members, and so on.

Typo’s customized DORA (Deployment frequency, Change failure rate, Lead time, and Mean Time to Recover) key metrics and other engineering metrics can be configured in a single dashboard based on specific development processes. This helps benchmark the dev team’s performance and identifies real-time bottlenecks, sprint delays, and blocked PRs. With the user-friendly interface and tailored integrations, engineering leaders can get all the relevant data within minutes and drive continuous improvement.

DORA and other engineering metrics

Typo has an in-built automated code review feature

Code review is all about improving the code quality. It improves the software teams’ productivity and streamlines the development process. However, when done manually, the code review process can be time-consuming and takes a lot of effort.

Typo’s automated code review tool auto-analyses codebase and pull requests to find issues and auto-generates fixes before it merges to master. It understands the context of your code and quickly finds and fixes any issues accurately, making pull requests easy and stress-free. It standardizes your code, reducing the risk of a software security breach and boosting maintainability, while also providing insights into code coverage and code complexity for thorough analysis.

Typo has an in-built automated code review feature

You can track the team’s progress by advanced sprint analysis tool

While a burndown chart helps visually monitor teams’ work progress, it is time-consuming and doesn’t provide insights about the specific types of issues or tasks. Hence, it is always advisable to complement it with sprint analysis tools to provide additional insights tailored to agile project management.

Typo has an effective sprint analysis feature that tracks and analyzes the team’s progress throughout a sprint. It uses data from Git and the issue management tool to provide insights into getting insights on how much work has been completed, how much work is still in progress, and how much time is left in the sprint. This helps in identifying potential problems in the early stages, identifying areas where teams can be more efficient, and meeting deadlines.

advanced sprint analysis tool

The metrics dashboard focuses on team-level improvement and not micromanaging individual developers

When engineering metrics focus on individual success rather than team performance, it creates a sense of surveillance rather than support. This leads to decreased motivation, productivity, and trust among development teams. Hence, there are better ways to use the engineering metrics.

Typo has a metrics dashboard that focuses on the team’s health and performance. It lets engineering leaders compare the team’s results with what healthy benchmarks across industries look like and drive impactful initiatives for your team. Since it considers only the team’s goals, it lets team members work together and solve problems together. Hence, fosters a healthier and more productive work environment conducive to innovation and growth.

Typo takes into consideration the human side of engineering

Measuring developer experience not only focuses on quantitative metrics but also requires qualitative feedback as well. By prioritizing the human side of team members and developer productivity, engineering managers can create a more inclusive and supportive environment for them.

Typo helps in getting a 360 view of the developer experience as it captures qualitative insights and provides an in-depth view of the real issues that need attention. With signals from work patterns and continuous AI-driven pulse check-ins on the experience of developers in the team, Typo helps with early indicators of their well-being and actionable insights on the areas that need your attention. It also tracks the work habits of developers across multiple activities, such as Commits, PRs, Reviews, Comments, Tasks, and Merges, over a certain period. If these patterns consistently exceed the average of other developers or violate predefined benchmarks, the system identifies them as being in the Burnout zone or at risk of burnout.

Typo takes into consideration the human side of engineering

You can integrate as many tools with the dev stack

The more the tools can be integrated with software, the better it is for the software developers. It streamlines the development process, enforces standardization and consistency, and provides access to valuable resources and functionalities.

Typo lets you see the complete picture of your engineering health by seamlessly connecting to your tech tool stack. This includes:

  • GIT versioning tools that use the Git version control system
  • Issue tracker tools for managing tasks, bug tracking, and other project-related issues
  • CI/CD tools to automate and streamline the software development process
  • Communication tools to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information
  • Incident management tools to resolve unexpected events or failures


Typo is a software delivery tool that can help ship reliable software faster. You can find real-time bottlenecks in your SDLC, automate code reviews, and measure developer experience – all in a single platform.

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Typo ranked as a Leader in G2 Summer 2023 Reports

The G2 Summer 2023 report is out!

We are delighted to share that Typo ranks as a leader in the Software Development analytics tool category. A big thank you to all our customers who supported us in this journey and took the time to write reviews about their experience. It really got us motivated to keep moving forward and bring the best to the table in the coming weeks.


Typo taking the lead

Typo is placed among the leaders in Software Development Analytics. Besides this, we earned the ‘User loved us’ badge as well.

Our wall of fame shines bright with –

  • Leader in the overall Grid® Report for Software Development Analytics Tools category
  • Leader in the Mid Market Grid® Report for Software Development Analytics Tools category
  • Rated #1 for Likelihood to Recommend
  • Rated #1 for Quality of Support
  • Rated #1 for Meets Requirements
  • Rated #1 for Ease of Use
  • Rated #1 for Analytics and Trends

Typo has been ranked a Leader in the Grid Report for Software Development Analytics Tool | Summer 2023. This is a testament to our continuous efforts toward building a product that engineering teams love to use.

Typo taking the lead

The ratings also include –

  • 97% of the reviewers have rated Typo high in analyzing historical data to highlight trends, statistics & KPIs
  • 100% of the reviewers have rated us high in Productivity Updates

We, as a team, achieved the feat of attaining the score of:

Typo User  ratings

Here’s what our customers say about Typo

Check out what other users have to say about Typo here.

What makes Typo different?

Typo is an intelligent AI-driven Engineering Management platform that enables modern software teams with visibility, insights & tools to code better, deploy faster & stay aligned with business goals.

Having launched with Product Hunt, we started with 15 engineers working with sheer hard work and dedication and have impacted 5000+ developers globally and engineering leaders globally, 400,000+ PRs & 1.5M+ commits.

We are NOT just the software delivery analytics platform. We go beyond the SDLC metrics to build an ecosystem that is a combination of intelligent insights, impactful actions & automated workflows – that will help Managers to lead better & developers perform better

As the first step, Typo gives core insights into dev velocity, quality & throughout that has helped the engineering leaders reduce their PR cycle time by almost 57% and 2X faster project deliveries.

PR cycle time
Continuous Improvement with Typo

Typo empowers continuous improvement in the developers & managers with goal setting & specific visibility to developers themselves.

The leaders can set goals to ensure best practices like PR sizes, avoid merging PRs without review, identify high-risk work & others. Typo nudges the key stakeholders on Slack as soon as the goal is breached. Typo also automates the workflow on Slack to help developers with faster PR shipping and code reviews.

Continuous Improvement with Typo
Developer’s view

Typo provides core insights to your developers that are 100% confidential to them. It helps developers to identify their strengths and core areas of improvement that have impacted the software delivery. It helps them gain visibility & measure the impact of their work on team efficiency & goals.

Developer’s view
Developer’s well-being

We believe that all three aspects – work, collaboration & well-being – need to fall in place to help an individual deliver their best. Inspired by the SPACE framework for developer productivity, we support Pulse Check-Ins, Developer Experience insights, Burnout predictions & Engineering surveys to paint a complete picture.

Developer’s well-being

10X your dev teams’ efficiency with Typo

It’s all of your immense love and support that made us a leader in such a short period. We are grateful to you!

But this is just the beginning. Our aim has always been to level up your dev game and we will be coming with the new exciting releases in the next few weeks.

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