Top 6 Productivity Tools for Developers to Try

Software developers usually get overwhelmed easily since they have a lot on their plates. From keeping track of deadlines to producing code and to focusing on application goals, they prove to be real professional jugglers. But, in the long term, this can be challenging and costly. It will not only lead to a delay in work but also a decrease in productivity.

This is why developer productivity tools are a must. It assists them in managing their time and maximizing productivity. Hence, getting their work done faster with fewer distractions.

Best Productivity Tools for Developers


Tabnine is an AI-driven code completion tool. It uses context and syntax to predict and suggest the following lines of code. The more the usage, it can provide more accurate and tailor-made suggestions. Tabnine can plug into well-known IDEs including Visual studio code, Vim, Atom, and Sublime.

Tabnine Key Features:

  • Whole line and full function code completions
  • Includes team learning functionality option
  • Supporting programming languages including Python, C++, Java, Rust, and GO to name a few
  • Flexible hosting options for increased security and compliance
  • Support offline mode too


Lightrun is an on-demand observability platform. It enables you to add metrics, logs, and traces to the code base directly into IDE or CLI in real-time. Besides this, they can also be integrated with various compatible third-party application performance monitoring (APM) and logging tools.

Lightrun Key Features:

  • Powerful debugging tool for an app already in production
  • Works on monolith microservices, Kubernetes, docker swarm, ECS, big data works, and serverless
  • Instrument everything without obstructing the live application
  • Includes a wide range of performance metrics for synchronization, timing, and business logic
  • Routed into APMs or analytic tools such as Grafana

The Silver Searcher

Also known as Ag, The Silver Searcher is known for its speed. It is a command-line tool for quick code-base searching. It allows you to find specific lines of code easily within large documents. The Silver Searcher works by leveraging multiple search files and CPU cores.

The Silver Searcher Key Features:

  • Open-source, free-to-use tool
  • Stable and user friendly
  • Editor integration for sublime text, vim, and emacs
  • Ignores certain file patterns from the .hgignore and .gitignore
  • Available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and BSD


F.lux is a cross-platform designed to reduce eye strain. It dynamically modifies your screen’s display according to the time of the day and location. The default setting of F.lux is that when sunset is near, it changes the display into warm colors. And when the sunrise is near the location, the display colors change to default settings.

F.lux Key Features:

  • Easy installation and use
  • New hotkeys to adjust colors
  • Automatic screen adjusting
  • Various screen modes available
  • Backward alarm clock act as a reminder to not stay up late


Tuple is an integrated remote pair programming app. Through this, you can collaborate in real time when writing code or sharing URLs. Both parties can use a mouse and keyboard. Tuple also lets you highlight or draw code on your collaborator’s screen to direct their attention.

Tuple Key Features:

  • Fast and lightweight tool
  • Offers 5K quality video stream and crisp low-latency audio
  • Internal chat option
  • Supports asynchronous pairing
  • Low CPU usage


Typo is an intelligent engineering platform designed to maximize your productivity. It enables you to gain visibility, remove blockers and get real-time insights via SDLC metrics. typo can be integrated with various applications such as Slack, GIT, CI/CD, and Calendar.

Typo Key Features:

  • Cycle time breakdown
  • Efficiency benchmarking
  • Work log
  • Investment distribution
  • DORA metrics
  • Developer burnout alert
  • PR insights
  • Developer workflow automation


Developers need to be productive throughout the software development life cycle. Hence, it is advisable to invest in the right productivity tools. It helps you save time and effort on repetitive tasks. And rather focus on core activities that need your direct attention.